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Albert Li

Albert Li


  1. Expertise in engineering services
  2. Formulate career development plan and advice on job search and decision making
  3. Motivation and goal setting 
  4. Communication skills
  5. Conduct training sessions and organize case supervision programmes



1 hr 30 mins 

    1. Held various managerial positions with a reputable public power utility with over 30 years of experience
    2. Led a large and multi-disciplinary engineering team to achieve job assignments and in course, directed to recruit, train and develop young engineers to assist them to attend their career goals
    3. Held BSc Eng degree from the University of HK graduated in 1974
    4. Completed an Engineering Graduate training scheme with Waterworks Dept, Govt of HK
    5. Held part - time engagements in teaching
    6. Followed a career path for self, leading to the status of a professional chartered membership
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