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​Retired senior management professionals help you to  create a brighter future




“Happy Career Advisory Service” is a service that helps connect our retirees or young-old members possessing a wealth of experience and extensive knowledge in certain industries with those younger people hoping to get third-party advice and guidance on their career path.               


Our mission is to encourage retirees or young-old professionals, whether local or overseas, to share and pass on their valuable experience and network accumulated throughout their career to young people, giving them insights including but not limited to best practices and developments in particular industries, leadership and management skills, problem solving, technical skills in certain areas, or general advice on setting career goals and development plan. We hope the young people after meeting our retiree advisors can create their own ideas and plans leading to a brighter future.

Join us

If you want to get advice from our advisors, please visit our Advisor Team page and select the right one you want to talk to.

If you want to be a mentor or advisor and connect with young people, simply join us and enroll as Happy Career Advisor via our platform now.

「 Rewarding and  impressive conversation with lots of great genuine
     advice and insight from a very experienced and successful leader
     in luxury fashion.
- Ms Chan(Participant)




-  Rewarding and impressive conversation with lots of great genuine advice and insight from a very experienced and successful leader in luxury fashion.

-  Open and interactive sharing about management skills, team building and business development. 

-  A mini- MBA session in a nutshell.

Buying Manager, Ralph Lauren APAC 

Ms Chan

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